From Book Launch to Support Group— A Tale of Coronavirus Priorities

Anne Whitehouse PhD
4 min readApr 6, 2020
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It’s hard to believe that only five weeks ago I was giving a talk back at my old school about my new book and ground-breaking findings on the hidden blocks in society that sabotage women’s success!

I was feeling so enthusiastic about empowering a new generation of young women. There I was, with interviews scheduled to be published in the national press, and everything set to spread the “Pull Back Your Power” message to the women who need this knowledge.

Then of course, everything changed, almost overnight. Talks cancelled. Articles pushed to some unspecified future date. Everything the last 20 years of work had been leading to, stopped in its tracks.

And yet, that didn’t matter, because suddenly there was a new need, a deep and urgent need. Something that I, as an empowerment specialist, just could not ignore.

I woke up with a new plan. I knew the stress and anxiety I was feeling, I understood precisely why I was feeling this. Yet, even with all my tools and understanding of the subconscious mind, those feelings were still there. I could imagine just how difficult it would be for people not used to dealing with these things, not understanding why their minds were freaking out and without any tools or support to deal with this. The way forwards was clear. I had to help, and help as many people as possible, and do so quickly.

So, there started a frantic two days of activity, creating everything I needed. A sign-up page, intro videos, email automations, a YouTube channel and that pesky GDPR stuff. All integrated, and all now online from scratch. Then, all was ready, in the wee small hours of the morning and I sat there with my head pounding, hair like a bird’s nest and computer fan sounding like a helicopter after hours of running ten or so applications simultaneously.

My patient PR people took it in their stride when I announced that we would be stopping the book promotion, and instead we would be offering my free help to the world, to anyone who needed it.

Power Over Fear Online was launched!

Then doubts set in. I know my loyal clients and long-standing followers are totally on board with subconscious blocks, lack of power foundation, and diving deep into mind-reprogramming visualisations of colour that I use to change these things effectively? But how would other people react?

I know all too well how those hidden programmes and deep-seated lack of power cause our minds and bodies to go into a cascade of stress and anxiety, and also just how much control we do actually have to change these things with my tools and understanding. Let’s be honest, this is not what the average person understands and accepts as normal!

But then this is an exceptional situation. The old ways of thinking, the old paradigm is inevitably breaking down in many ways. We are in a phoenix situation. We are going to have to recreate the world as we go through this crisis. Should I worry about taking my ground-breaking, yet unconventional techniques and understandings to the wider world?

I don’t think so! This is the time more than ever before to put myself out there, authentically me, not hiding what I can do.
This is the time to contribute what we can do, and this is what I can do, and do extremely well.

If this feels a bit ‘out there’ to you, but you are struggling, then just come along and see how you feel afterwards. You have nothing to lose but your anxiety!

So, whether it’s new to you or not, you are welcome to participate. You’re welcome to join if you feel afraid, panicked and worried about the future. You’re welcome to join the group and add your positive intention, your connection and your energy to help us all overcome this challenge.

I currently have well over a hundred people now, both men and women, either joining live or listening to the recordings. Can I support so many people? I certainly intend to! For now this is the mission. Women’s empowerment can wait for now.

So, here’s the message — if you have something to offer that can help people, don’t hold back on offering it. Don’t stress about putting yourself out there. Don’t worry about changing track and direction, even if this is 20 years of work! There are more important priorities now. This is the way we will prevail, by supporting each other.

Here’s the link to join the Power Over Fear group:



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